Sunday, April 7, 2013

Comcast Foundation

The Comcast Foundation was founded by Comcast Corporation in June 1999 to provide charitable support to qualified nonprofit organizations. The Foundation primarily invests in programs and nonprofit organizations that strengthen their communities. Their primary focus is on funding diversity-oriented programs that address digital literacy, community service and building tomorrow’s leaders.

It appears that BDPA programs fall in the 'Digital literacy and related programs' focus area. As America evolves into a truly digital nation, the Comcast Foundation wants to help ensure that all citizens of all backgrounds can use broadband to achieve their full potential. Helping more people to learn the benefits of broadband (“digital literacy”), and then to use it (“broadband adoption”), will make our communities and our nation stronger.

Comcast Foundation does not accept unsolicited sponsorship requests or grant proposals. If your chapter is interested in submitting a grant proposal on behalf of your SITES proposal, then verify that you operate within a Comcast service area and use the local address for all related correspondence.

Click here to see if your chapter or organization is co-located with a local Comcast Foundation service area.

Contact BETF by reply email if you have interest in pursuing a joint grant proposal.

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