Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Message from BDPA Richmond Chapter President

Members and Friends,

Christopher Parker
Last week we had the awesome opportunity to host 'BDPA Day' on the Virginia State University (VSU) campus. We had the honor and pleasure of talking to management information systems majors and others about the benefits of being a part of a professional organization. Also, we shared how BDPA Richmond plans to work with VSU and the students to have a strong chapter presence in the fall semester. Finally, we talked about the ways that our BDPA programs can help prepare them to succeed in their future careers.

BDPA handed out organizational information before hosting a discussion with a panel of Richmond-area Information Technology professionals, including past National BDPA vice president Allison Aheart. Eleven VSU students were able to ask questions about the industry and learn from our experiences. BDPA Richmond chapter used 'BDPA Day' to strengthen our bonds with the VSU faculty ... including a new relationship with the VSU director of corporate relations. It helps that the VSU chief information officer, Hubert Harris, is a past BDPA Richmond chapter president!

BDPA will continue to help the VSU students travel from 'the classroom to the boardroom'. It is part of our ongoing mission to deliver programs for adults, high school students, middle school students and elementary schools students in a variety of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) areas. VSU 'BDPA Day' was a reminder of how each of us has the wonderful privilege to impact someone else in a positive manner solely through the gift of time.

Please contact me to learn more about our fundraiser to help support the purchase of college student memberships in BDPA. Thank you for your consideration.

Christopher Parker, president
BDPA Richmond Chapter

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