Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Bemley Scholar Christina Miller Heads to Creighton University

Christina Miller is a remarkable young woman who represented BDPA St. Louis chapter in 2009-2010 and 2012 as a member of their High School Computer Competition team. The BDPA St. Louis chapter earned a fifth place finish in the 2010 National BDPA HSCC Championship and improved to bring home the silver medal for a second place finish in the 2012 National BDPA HSCC Championship. As a result she earned the Dr. Jesse Bemley Scholarship in both years ... and will be using that scholarship money to attend Creighton University in the fall.

We asked Christina to reflect on her BDPA experiences. Here is what she had to say:
I will be graduating from Visitation Academy in May 2013 and will attend Creighton University majoring in Biochemistry and Physics.

I have worked with computers ever since I could read. I remember sitting on my dad's lap at, what seems like now, a giant desktop and after reading each prompt clicking the "Yes" or "No" buttons. I remember my dad handing me, again, what seems old fashioned, ethernet cables and plugging them into the appropriate slot. I grew up with computers and technology, so when I first got involved with BDPA the summer going into my freshman year in high school, I was hooked.

While I hope to major in Biochemistry and Physics, the skills learned during training sessions are invaluable. Not only am I able to use the typical programming languages like HTML, CSS, Javascript, JSTL and JSP, I can also rattle off fast facts about the history of computers, such as the name of the first compiler or the reason that Grace Hopper is important. Also, I learned team work, communication, and networking skills. Going year from year, I grew more comfortable and confident in my skills and I was able to help guide new students in understanding different languages.

One of my favorite parts of BDPA is getting to know my teammates so well. After training for hours and hours during the week and then spending 5 days with them at the conference, it's hard not to get to know them. I believe each one has something different to offer and bring to the table just to make our team even better and stronger.

BDPA St. Louis HSCC Team (2012) - Silver Medal Winners
BDPA's High School Computer Competition is something I will always remember and be extremely grateful for the experience.

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Wayne Hicks said...

BDPA is very sad to report that Christina Miller passed away in December 2015. She was a junior at Creighton University majoring in physics and biochemistry.