Thursday, April 11, 2013

Message from the BDPA Milwaukee Chapter President

Carmen Giles
Carmen Giles (MillerCoors) agreed to work with others to rejuvenate the BDPA Milwaukee chapter. She shared an update on the process with us recently.

We had an informational meeting last month with 14 people. Everyone was very interested in the organization. Adonica Randall (Abaxent) shared a wealth of knowledge and lesson learned regarding the past Milwaukee Chapter.

Meeting Agenda:
  • NBDPA Overview
  • NBDPA Technology Conference Experience
  • Corporate Sponsorship overview
  • Milwaukee Chapter:
    1. History of the past Milwaukee Chapter and Lesson Learned from the past chapter
    2. Officer positions tentatively assigned:
      • President – Carmen Giles (MillerCoors)
      • Vice President – Allen Baylor (MillerCoors)
      • Vice President of Finance – Open (Confirm at next meeting)
      • Vice President of Membership Management – Sandi Scott (Scott Institute of Learning)
      • Vice President Member Services – Nicole Jackson (MillerCoors)
      • Vice President Strategy and Planning – Albert Thomas (GE Healthcare)
      • Local Chapter Administrator - Open (Confirm at next meeting)
      • Goal is to have all open officer positions filled by end of April
    3. BDPA Milwaukee open enrollment - Goal is  to have at least 6 individuals join by the end of April
  • Next Steps:
    1. Next meeting scheduled for April 18
    2. Meeting every two weeks
    3. Chapter Planning
    4. Membership Drive
    5. Networking Event at the Milwaukee MillerCoors Pub (Confirm a date at the next meeting)
  • Q&A
I will provide another update after the April 18th meeting. Please let me know if you have any further questions or would like to discuss in further detail.

Carmen Giles, president
BDPA Milwaukee Chapter

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