Friday, April 5, 2013

PNC Bank Seeks to 'Make A Difference' as a BDPA Bronze Level Corporate Sponsor

We are very proud to announce that PNC Bank agreed to become a Bronze Level corporate sponsor. The bank wants to hire on-board at least 3 people over the course of the next year via the BDPA Job Board and the 2-day career fair being held on August 16-17 in Washington DC.

They also want to raise the brand awareness of their company by advertising in the BDPA Conference Guide as well as sponsoring one of the workshop tracks at the 2013 BDPA Technology Conference.

Also, PNC Bank wants to help BDPA provide meaningful STEM experiences to young people in Cleveland and Philadelphia ... as such they agreed to purchase five (5) corporate sponsorships in both of those local chapters.

Finally, PNC Bank wants to work with the BDPA Northeast regional vice president, Fred Smith, and the University of Pittsburgh in an aggressive effort to rejuvenate our BDPA Pittsburgh chapter. To do so, they agreed to purchase 10 corporate memberships ... half of which will go to college students at the University of Pittsburgh.

PNC Bank is looking to work with BDPA at local, regional and national level in 2013 ... and we are grateful to them for doing so!

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