Tuesday, November 16, 2010

BDPA Charlotte Chapter Supports eMentor Program at Garinger New Technology High School

BDPA Charlotte seeks to provide male mentors for the eMentor program at Garinger New Technology High School. This program is designed to pair up students with professionals in careers related to Information Technology, Science, Math and Engineering.

The Mentees: High School students grade 10-12. Garinger New Technology HS student population is 66% African American, 19% Hispanic, 5% Asian and 8% White. Additionally 68% of the students use the free or reduced price lunch program.

The Mentors: The program requests that BDPA mentor a student through the academic year and communicate weekly through email. Additionally, each mentor must register as a volunteer with CMS online.

Outcome: To encourage students in their studies and build their interests in STEM careers, to be a sounding board for students about their interest and concerns about college, and to share your experiences that will prove helpful to the students lives.

Additional PERK: As the program typically matches the student with a mentor of the same gender, there is an exceptional need for more male volunteers. To note, 2/3 of the students participating in this program are male. How awesome is that! Our young males are interested in STEM careers, so to answer their call BDPA Charlotte are offering $25 off of BDPA membership for the first 10 new male members that also sign up to be an eMentor.

Questions? Contact Melandee Jones or Colette Nichols of the eMentoring program.

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