Thursday, November 11, 2010

High Praise for BDPA Richmond Support of Robotics Training for Elementary School Students

BDPA has a strong history of providing programs to engage high school students. Our national high school computer competition has been going on for over 25 years. We added the BDPA IT Showcase about eight years ago. My hope is that BDPA will participate at some level in the 2011 Imagine Cup.

I think that most BETF-Blog readers will agree that one area that we have not been as active or strong is in the technology-based support and education of elementary school students. However, that is beginning to change in Richmond, Virginia. BDPA Richmond chapter has been working for the last decade on teaching concepts of science, technology and robotics to elementary school students.

It appears to be paying off. Here is a testimonial that was recently posted on the BDPA Richmond chapter YahooGroup:

Good Evening Everyone,

My name is Carmen Caldwell and I am a graduate of Virginia State University (VSU). I was a member of BDPA-VSU and served on the executive board my junior and senior years. I wanted to commend the Fairfield Court Elementary 'Eaglebots' on a job well done at the FIRST Lego League Maggie L Walker Tournament. I have heard Ms. Jacki Davis rave about this robotics team on many occassions and really did not comprehend the excitement, learning (both adults and children), and FUN that could be had with just a little involvement.

I happened to attend the competition today as a volunteer for the National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) and came across green t-shirts that had the guiding principle "Educate to Elevate". I knew that this was the doing of Ms. Jacki Davis. Whether in the judging rooms, in the pit (competition area), or leisure this team was

Little did this team know that I was one of the design judges and my team and I were absolutely blown away by the professionalism, knowledge, honesty, and most of all the manners of this team. Out of the teams we viewed today they definitely shined when it came to teamwork. Although there were a few mishaps they did an outstanding job! To top it off all but one of the Eaglebots were first year robotics members! Amazing!

I was not able to stay until the end of the tournament but I wanted to give praise where it is due! Good job team, coaches, sponsors, and everyone that assisted the Eaglebots!

Continue to "Educate to Elevate" BDPA-Richmond, job well done and it has shown!

Ms. Carmen Caldwell
Henrico, Va 23228

Are there other BDPA chapters interested in providing elementary school programs? Are there other BDPA chapters interested in exploring FIRST Lego League in their geographic area?

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