Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Microsoft Charlotte Campus Kicks Off Citizen Schools Computer Apprenticeship Program

Soulclap to Stephanie Lampkin for sharing with us a 'great news' message about the work of BDPA Charlotte chapter member Kevin Robinson and his colleagues at Microsoft. She wrote:

Microsoft Charlotte Campus launched our successful Citizen Schools apprenticeship What is a Computer Really? The first sessions were led by Ed Lau, Pierre Debnam and Ricky Mohamed of Premier National Services and Kevin Robinson of BCS Operations.

The students were extremely enthusiastic and highly engaged. We are partnering with Citizen Schools at Eastway Middle School to give students 21st century skills. Ed taught students about the hardware components of a computer assisted by Ricky, Pierre and Kevin, who led hands-on activities and ice breakers.

More volunteers are lined up to expose students to the diverse talents and backgrounds of our Microsoft IT Professionals. Thank You! to our Microsoft employees for your commitment and for sharing your career path and stories to help inspire youth. For details regarding the program and our Microsoft engagement contact Kevin Robinson, Project Lead, Microsoft Citizen Schools Apprenticeship Program.

It is exciting to see BDPA members and BDPA sponsors engaged in any and all efforts to increase the passion (and knowledge) of K-12 students in science, technology and math. Kudos to Kevin and his Microsoft colleagues for 'walking the walk'! I look forward to seeing some of the students from Eastway Middle School participating in the BDPA Student IT Education and Scholarship (SITES) program in the next few years!

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