Monday, November 29, 2010

Three BDPA Students Showcase Entrepreneurial Talents with 3D Virtual Integration of Facebook Called StartLounge

We often talk about BDPA being an organization that provides programs and services that advance the careers of our members from the 'classroom to the boardroom'. I think that we will find the reality behind those words in Rochester, MN. That is where three past national BDPA High School Computer Competition (HSCC) champions have joined together to create the StartLounge.

StartLounge is a visual, social interface that engages users with 3D-Facebook integration. StartLounge also gives you the power to preview your Facebook news feeds and pictures that you are tagged in. The co-founders indicate that the product is still in the development stages and will be continually updated with cool new features.

The co-founders are student members of our BDPA Southern Minnesota chapter: James Arama, Ahmed Mahamad and Adwait Walimbe.

James Arama, Ahmed Mahamad and Adwait Walimbe
Arama is a freshman majoring in Computer Science at Marist College. He specializes in information processing with emphasis on business based applications utilizing Open-Source Interfaces.

Mahamad is a sophomore majoring in Health Sciences at the University of Minnesota. He plans to continue his studies at Medical School while researching in the area of Bio-informatics. This is a topic that he researched for the 2010 BDPA IT Showcase held earlier this year in Philadelphia.

Walimbe is a senior at John Marshall High School. He is a developing programmer, aspiring entrepreneur, and business consultant with plans to major in Computer Science when he enters college next year. This isn't his first start-up business. In 2008, he created Socialdecks, a company geared towards online learning while focusing on the social aspect of education.

These three young men embody the spirit of  'classroom to the boardroom' more than most. I look forward to seeing where their current venture -- StartLounge -- takes them over the coming months and years. In the meantime, I hope that all of BDPA-Nation will share some love with these three young men.

Sometimes we wonder why we put in the hours that we do for BDPA. I suggest that it is young 'uns like James, Ahmed and Adwait that make it all worthwhile.  

You can help us create scholarship opportunities for other young men and women by making a donation to the Jesse Bemley Scholarship Fund. Every dollar makes a difference. Won't you share your blessings with these young people?

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