Sunday, November 7, 2010

Grant Declination: Fluor Foundation (Dallas)

We are sorry to report that our letter of inquiry to Fluor Foundation on behalf of BDPA Dallas chapter has been reviewed and declined. We received the following reply from the company:

Dear Mr. Hicks,

Thank you for contacting us to request financial support for the BDPA Education and Technology Foundation and your Dallas chapter of Black Data Processing Associates.

We have carefully considered the funding opportunity outlined in your proposal, yet we must regretfully decline the opportunity to provide support at this time. While there are many valuable and worthwhile projects in the communities where we have a presence, because of budget limitations, we are only able to award grants for only a portion of the most competitive proposals.

Thank you for thinking of Fluor Corporation and we wish you continued success in all your endeavors.

Monica Reyes
Community and Public Affairs Manager

BETF will continue to seek out support for the youth technology programs powered by the volunteers in our BDPA Dallas chapter.   Do you have any ideas or suggestions about funding sources that might be open to supporting our Dallas chapter?

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