Sunday, July 3, 2011

BDPA Legacy: Wesley Williams (BDPA Atlanta)

BDPA created the High School Computer Competition (HSCC) over 25 years ago. There have been thousands of students taking part in regional and national championships since that time. There have been hundreds of HSCC coordinators and volunteer instructors. However, there may be only one person who has participated in the HSCC for as long or as well as its founder, Dr. Jesse Bemley.  That person is Wesley Williams.

Wesley Williams has been a proud member of the BDPA organization since 2001. His membership originated with the Memphis chapter, as a student in the HSCC program. He worked his way up through the rank to become a member of the Memphis HSCC team. In fact, Wesley was part of the first-ever HSCC championship won by BDPA Memphis chapter.

Wesley stayed with the Memphis chapter up to 2004, making sure every year the Memphis HSCC team was ready to compete. And ready they were.  BDPA Memphis won the national HSCC championships in 2002, 2003 and 2004 ... becoming the FIRST chapter to ever win four national HSCC championships in a row.

But Wesley didn’t stop there...

While attending the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, he was able to get in contact with our BDPA Chattanooga chapter and restart the once depleted HSCC program as Coordinator. The chapter was able to win 4th place and 5th place with the help of Cornell Gaulman -- another Memphis HSCC champ and younger brother to Wesley.

Wesley then moved to Atlanta, GA where he pursued his Master of Divinity at the Interdenominational Theological Center in the Atlanta University Center. While in Atlanta, he became the Student Information Technology Education & Scholarship (SITES) Director and HSCC coordinator, where he led the Atlanta chapter to winning 1st place and 2nd place at regional competitions and 5th place at the 2008 National HSCC Championship.

Wesley has not only continued programs like HSCC as Director, but has introduced new programs like Advanced Computer Education and the Women’s Council. He married Lanita Russell, who was the first member of the Women’s Council in Chattanooga, TN and now serves as Fundraising Coordinator for the BDPA Atlanta chapter.

Below are some of Wesley’s accomplishments since 2001. Clearly, Wesley should be an early entry into the BDPA Hall of Fame ... whenever we get around to creating it!

BDPA Awards Earned by Wesley Williams
  • 2001, 1st place National HSCC: Team Member (Memphis)
  • 2002-2004, 1st place National HSCC: Assistant Coach (Memphis)
  • 2003, 2nd place First Ever IT Showcase: College Student (Memphis)
  • 2006, 4th place National HSCC: Coordinator, Coach (Chattanooga)
  • 2007, 5th place National HSCC: Coordinator, Coach (Chattanooga)
  • 2008, 2nd place Midwest Regional HSCC: Director, Coordinator, Coach (Atlanta)
  • 2008, 5th place National HSCC: Director, Coordinator, Coach (Atlanta)
  • 2011, 1st place Southeast Regional HSCC: Director, Coordinator, Coach (Atlanta)
Wesley is currently works at Macy's in the Systems and Technology department as an applications support analyst.   He credits all his BDPA success to his parents, brothers, and wife; his chapter presidents; his BDPA mentor Joseph Taylor III (Memphis) and Teresa Williams (Atlanta); and all the volunteers that have worked long hours with him throughout his 10 years with the organization.

Wesley and his wife Lanita are devout BDPA members who currently await the arrival of the newest addition to their family, Kiyah Ayo Bronnay WilliamsCan anyone doubt that Kiyah is destined for greatness in BDPA as well?

Please take a moment to REPLY to this post with some BDPA-Love for a remarkable young man -- Wesley Williams!


Donovan Williams said...

That's my brother! Very proud of you Wes and your achievements with BDPA! You truly will be a HSCC Legacy!

Mary Ann said...

Excellent job Wesley! Your display of hard work, dedication, and persistence to achieve greatness will take you far.:) Aunt Mary Ann

Beverly said...

Wesley, your dad and I have always known that you are very talented. We are proud you started at an early age using them to help others. You embody the enthusiasm and commitment needed to have a lasting impact on BDPA and the students you coach. We also applaud you because you shared the spotlight with those who helped you achieve these accomplishments. No one stands in the spotlight alone but on the shoulders of everyone who provides support along the way. WE LOVE YOU.

Yola said...

I congratulate you, Wesley, on your many achievements. You embody the spirit of service through collaboration to make a difference in the lives of our youth...and in the process have touched the lives of many who will, no doubt, in turn go forward to positively affect the lives of others. All my best for your continued success in future endeavors. Professor Yolanda Santiago, ED.S.

SFWS said...

Sharon said...
Wesley, You have been a blessing to your family, friends, community, and especially to BDPA. Your legacy of accomplishments are outstanding. You are one of the unsung heroes who have made a long lasting impact on those you have coached. I commend you on your continuous strive for excellence. Aunt Sharon

Teresa W said...

Wow! The Atlanta Chapter is honored that you decided to join our chapter. You have worked tirelessly the past 3 yrs to build our SITES program. Its because of your dedication, your passion, and love for our young people that our students drive to excel and our instructors continue to give back.

Both you and Lanita are awesome role models and I'm proud to be your Atlanta Mom. :-)

Love ya both!

Jesse Bemley said...


As I have always said,"We need more members in the trenches to keep the foundation of BDPA strong and to motivate the Corporate Sales Team.

You exemplify what we are doing the trenches.

Keep up the good work!

Joseph Taylor, III said...


Even though Wayne has done an amazing and comprehensive job of chronicling your achievements, I know that he is still missing some of your greatest moments. Like the time you could only shake your head in frustration but you found the way to still encourage and move your team forward. Or the time worked tirelessly to ensure others had the same opportunity you did to excel.

I did not put a timeframe on these comments for a reason. I know that you have experienced them repeatedly but they never extinguish your flame for helping others to excel. And I truly believe your altruistic spirit is your most powerful attribute.

I could not be more proud of you and your accomplishments, Wes! I tell my sons all the time that they will always have other role models besides myself and you always come up in the list. You call me "Pops" and I refer to you as my "Son" (apologies to your Mom and Dad) and that will never change in my eyes.

It is one thing to come upon greatness. It is exhilirating to brush up against greatness. It is another thing entirely to watch greatness grow. I am thankful that our paths crossed and entertwined back in 2001. I am thankful that I was able to watch and work with you as you grew and matured in life and generated so many amazing accomplishments.

But the thing I am most thankful for is that I am still around to bear witness to what I know will be your greatest work and accomplishments. Proud is not a big enough word to state how I feel about you Wes but it is a good start.

Keep it up!!! The Original King of Memphis BDPA and a true OMG (Original Memphis HSCC Gangsta)

Mr. Taylor aka "Pops"