Thursday, July 5, 2012

Message From BDPA Richmond Chapter President

BDPA Richmond chapter president Christopher Parker and his leadership team shared the following update on chapter programs, scholarships and services:

  • Fundraising - Last October, BDPA Richmond celebrated its 20th Anniversary as a chapter. BDPA Richmond raised $826.70 for educational programs and scholarships after expenses. Thank you to all those who attended and participated! Your contributions will help send 5 students to this year’s National Conference in Baltimore, Maryland.
  • National BDPA Conference - One of the ways in which BDPA “advances careers from the classroom to the boardroom” is through our National Conference. This year’s conference will take place at the Baltimore Hilton on August 1-4. Our keynote speaker will be cyber-security czar Dr. Ernest McDuffie. The conference is designed to inform, motivate and encourage networking for professionals in the IT industry. During the four‐day conference, participants can expect to share their experiences with peers, attend the career fair, explore the displays at the technology expo, and participate in a wide array of workshops and seminars reflecting leading‐edge technologies and strategies. Please log on to for more information, and I encourage you to attend.
  • Adult Computer Literacy Program - Congratulations to our first graduating class of 2012 for our Adult Computer Literacy Program in collaboration with 5th Baptist Church on Cary Street. Students participated in a 12-week training program which is comprised of a beginning, intermediate and advanced computer concepts courses. In the beginner’s course, the students were taught about computer components and how they interact, computer terminology, numbering schemes, operating systems, and about Internet browsers including effective searches. The intermediate class was mostly centered on learning about the Windows operating system in more in-depth detail. Lastly, the advanced course taught computer networking concepts and how to build a home network. The students did an outstanding job and their computer knowledge was truly enhanced. Best of all, this course is free!
  • Membership - Please welcome our new VP of Business Management -- Michael Tolliver (Bank of America). Michael is working with me to further strengthen and expand our programs, and to fill out our Executive Board.
  • 3rd Quarter Preview - A planning meeting will be held for a Lego partnership with the Boys and Girls Club. A tentative speaker for a Q3 program meeting has been contacted to provide an overview, and to discuss opportunities in I.T. Risk Management and Security for I.T. professionals and college students.
    Executive Board Positions will be posted for leadership opportunities to build resume experience and career skills.

BDPA Richmond chapter is scrambling right now to get all the funding it needs. Perhaps you can click here to help them?

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