Friday, July 27, 2012

Bemley Scholar Victoria Walton Seeks College Degree from Fashion Institute of Technology

Victoria Walton was an 8th-grade student when she was a member of the high-performing High School Computer Competition (HSCC) team trained by BDPA Northern Virginia. The outstanding performance of her team at the 2008 National BDPA HSCC Championship earned her a Dr. Jesse Bemley Scholarship.

She shared her thoughts and aspirations with us recently.

My name is Victoria Walton. I am an 18-year old high school graduate of Lanham Christian School in Lanham, MD. I will be attending the Fashion Institute of Technology in the fall.

I have always believed that I was meant to be different. My life has been an accumulation of unique experiences and door opening opportunities. Each of those instances has molded me into an aware, intellectual, ambitious and inventive young woman.

From the time I was little and onward, I have always been fascinated with the wonder and creativity that is art. I excelled in many different art forms from adolescence and could never seem to let go of my artistic bend as I grew older. At the age of 12, I was introduced to the world of fashion and have been enthralled with it ever since. I believe that it is what I am supposed to pursue as a career. Over the last six years, I have taken the preliminary steps to make this a reality. Academically, I excelled and graduated Salutatorian of my senior class and received the honor of being bestowed the President’s Award. I have been offered a chance to study abroad in Florence, Italy for my freshmen year of college.

Your financial assistance through the Jesse Bemley Scholarship is greatly appreciated. The opportunity to study abroad will widen my horizons and give me a unique edge as a fashion student. I will be hard-working, dedicated, and make a positive statement in my academic and personal life, attempting to touch the world as I make a name for myself in the Fashion industry.

Being involved in BDPA in 2008 was an eye opening, positive experience. I learned so much in my time involved in the program. I had many memorable moments but perhaps my favorite was when I participated in the HSCC and my team earned a fourth place at the national HSCC championship. I was in eighth grade at the time and programming was completely new to me. I had taken up an interest in it and decided to give it a try. I put all my energy into learning the craft. At times, I stayed up all night and had study groups with my fellow peers. Although, I was unsure of my potential and knowledge, I was able to travel to Atlanta, Georgia to compete with my team. We worked hard together and did the best we possibly could. I remember the night the awards were given out. We were all so anxious and excited. The moment they called our names and asked us to come on stage was an amazing moment. It was such an accomplishment. BDPA is a great organization and taught me a lot. It was a worthwhile experience.

BDPA Education and Technology Foundation (BETF) is very proud of Victoria and the hundreds of other Bemley Scholars that we've supported over the year. We want to significantly increase the dollar amount of these college scholarships.

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