Saturday, July 7, 2012

Exelon Foundation

The Exelon Foundation is an independent, non-profit philanthropic organization funded solely by Exelon Corporation, an energy company, through shareholder dollars. The Foundation's mission is to encourage respect for the environment and strengthen the social and economic fabric of the community by supporting programs in three areas ... one of which is:
Innovative Math and Science Education programs which creatively incorporate the relationship between preserving the environment and using energy wisely.
The Exelon Foundation pursues proposals based on programs and projects within their geographic reach and primary giving areas.  

Currently, the Foundation does not accept unsolicited proposals. If you have not been invited to submit a proposal, but want to share a program idea that fits within our areas of giving, please briefly introduce your organization in an email to While we cannot respond to every email, we will contact you if we would like to learn more about your program.

Application Review -- Grants are reviewed on a quarterly basis by the Foundation Board of Directors. The Foundation does not fund general operating expenses, but prefers to focus on specific program support.

Exelon Foundation
PO Box 5408
Chicago, IL 60680-5408

Foundation Staff
Steve Solomon, President
Michelle McConnell, Secretary
Phone: 312-394-2200

This funding source is a long-shot ... but, it is geographically available to the following BDPA chapters: Austin, Baltimore, Boston, Central Illinois, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Philadelphia and Pittsburgh.

Feel free to contact BETF if you or your chapter want to work with us on a letter of inquiry to Exelon Foundation.

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