Monday, August 19, 2013

PeyBack Foundation

Each year, the PeyBack Foundation funds various programs in Indiana, Louisiana, Tennessee, and the Denver metro area. The Foundation has distributed more than $4.3 million in grants since 2002, including $500,000 in May 2012 to 88 youth based organizations. The deadline for grant applications is February 1st each year.

The PeyBack Foundation focuses primarily on economically disadvantaged youth. Emphasis is placed on programs that have a direct benefit to children through relationships and activities. Programs that are intended to enrich the lives of disadvantaged youth through activities conducted outside the typical school day (i.e., after-school and summer programming) are particularly favored by the Foundation.

This appears to be a potential funding source for BDPA programs implemented by our BDPA chapters located in Baton Rouge, Chattanooga, Indianapolis, Memphis or Middle Tennessee. BDPA Education and Technology Foundation is willing to support any of these chapters in creating a grant proposal to the PeyBack Foundation if there is mutual interest.

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