Friday, August 2, 2013

Message from BDPA Huntsville Chapter President

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New Chapter President Introductions, Membership and News

I am posting a copy of an email announcement regarding BDPA Huntsville Chapter's first meeting under my leadership. This letter speaks to the heart and soul of what I believe to be true about BDPA and the vision for my Presidency. I've also attached three other documents mentioned during our conversation:
  1. a brochure that highlights BDPA as an organization;
  2. a list of the top ten benefits that are available to those who join BDPA; and,
  3. a recent sampling of the type of benefits our members receive from BDPA Education and Technology Foundation.
Just a couple of personal thoughts before you read 'the corporate' literature:
  • BDPA was formed 35 years ago to support minorities in the fields of data processing – the modern day Computer Science or IT professional. We now have several thousand members across the nation (e.g. Washington DC, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Dallas, Houston, North Carolina, Atlanta, Chicago, Baton Rouge, Cincinnati, Los Angeles, etc.) with engineering, analysts, and programming skills that cover every career level from the classroom to the boardroom.
  • Our Vision is simple - "Be a powerful advocate for our stakeholders' interests within the global technology industry.”
  • And, basically, we are a coalition of IT (STEM) professionals who are true to our Mission - "BDPA is a global member-focused technology organization that delivers programs and services for the professional well-being of its stakeholders*."  [*Here, by stakeholders, we mean – students, academia, entrepreneurs, federal and private sector, and industry]
As you can see, I'm passionate about making this organization count. I'm even more passionate about doing all I can to see to it that this organization
  1. promotes excellence in our youth (classroom), 
  2. professional development in our matriculating seniors and career members (mid-level), 
  3. rendering a return-on-investment that is acceptable to our industry, federal and academia partners, and 
  4. bolster business development and success of BDPA member entrepreneurs (boardroom).
These are "The 4 Goals" by which I will measure my presidency.

Based on the support and interest from our core membership, the BDPA Huntsville chapter constituency that met with me are charged and ready for action.

Huntsville and Greater Madison County Alabama - I'd even go so far as to say Northern Alabama, once you've had an opportunity to review, I'd like to hear your thoughts and more importantly, we'd like your support in breathing life into the BDPA Huntsville chapter.

Sincerely submitted,
Carol Bell, president
BDPA Huntsville Chapter

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