Thursday, August 29, 2013

Tech Expresso Cafe: 'BDPA Atlanta Chapter Under New Management (8/29/2013)

BDPA Atlanta chapter increases BDPA brand awareness on many different platforms ... including Tech Expresso Cafe, co-hosted by Jacqueline Sanders and David Blackman. This is an Internet radio show that focuses on business, technology and leadership.

The August 29th episode focused on two things. First, a number of BDPA Atlanta chapter leaders including Derrick Brown (chapter president), Felicia Jones (past president and incoming BDPA South Region director) and Josephine Reed (HSCC coordinator). They shared their experiences and observations from the recently concluded 2013 BDPA Technology Conference held in Washington DC. There was also information shared about the transition of leadership between Felicia and Derreck.

Here is the archive version of the show for your listening pleasure!

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