Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Where Are They Now: 1977 BDPA Philadelphia Officers

The greatest obstacle facing BDPA in its second year of operation was lack of full members. Therefore, the focus for the year was to increase membership by placing a greater emphasis on technical data processing presentations.

Presentations and lectures that year were given on such topics as: Structured Programming, Advanced COBOL, On-Line Systems and Equal Opportunities in Data Processing.

The second year ended with a new commitment to the organization, an impressive addition of new members, and a new slate of new officers:
  • President - Ralph Gordon Jr.
  • Vice President - Roy Barnes
  • Secretary - Brenda Cummings
  • Treasurer - Mary Ann Lowery
  • Program Committee - Earl Pace, Geraldine Walcott, Edward Washington
  • Membership Committee - William Chestnut, Leroy Howell, David Benson
It is important to realize that BDPA was strictly a Philadelphia experience during these first few years. It wasn't until 1979 that the second BDPA chapter was created in Washington DC. I think that Roy Barnes is still honored by the BDPA Philadelphia chapter. As I understand it they name their youth education program and scholarship after Mr. Barnes.

Can you share any insights or thoughts you might have on these 1977 BDPA officers? Anyone know where they are now?

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