Thursday, August 9, 2012

Message from Columbus Chapter President

Deborah Smedley
Good Evening Everyone,

I would first like to update you on the results of the National BDPA Technology Conference that took place in Baltimore, Maryland August 1-4, 2012.

CONGRATULATIONS to our IT Showcase Students!!!!! BDPA Columbus student member Wesley Walker (Groveport Madison High School and Fairfield Career Center) came in 2nd Place in the High School division of the IT Showcase Category! Wesley's research topic was: Green Technology: Environment and Wire.

The team of students that we sent to compete in the 2012 National BDPA High School Computer Competition (HSCC) championship came in 16th place out of 45 eligible chapters! They worked very hard but had some difficulties connecting the front end application with the back-end database. I commend them for their efforts and know we will get there next year.

Although our Graphic Design was not selected, I commend Ariel Collins for doing a fabulous on the Graphic. Great Job!. We will have T-Shirts with the Graphic available soon.

I also want to thank all of you for making this happen. I want to provide great thanks to the judges for the local competition. Specifically, Donna Schaffer (Kaplan College), Lori Crews (JPMorgan Chase), Branndon Kelley (AMP) and Kellie Collins (State of Ohio). Thank you all for your support, guidance and time. I am sure the students and parents also appreciated your feedback.

I want to thank those who donated prizes to the competition for both our High School and Middle Students. Specifically, Chester Robinson (Nationwide Insurance), Branndon Kelley (AMP), Karen Williams (JPMorgan Chase), Lori Crews (JPMorgan Chase), Stephanie Bridges, Donna Schaffer (Kaplan College), Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity; Kellie Collins (State of Ohio) and the BDPA Columbus Chapter for your donations and support for our young people.

I want to thank Amy Hall and the rest of the DeVry University Team who supported our organization and allowed our student programs to continue on their campus throughout the year. I want to also thank Donna Schaffer and the Kaplan College Team for allowing our organization to not only hold classes at their campus but provide us the flexibility to hold meetings and Information Exchanges there.

I want to thank our instructors, who worked tirelessly to create a curriculum and teach alongside their full-time jobs, family and overall busy schedules. Specifically, Harshal Patel, Application Development (.NET); Chester Robinson, Database Skills, Graphic Design; Craig Collins, Virtual Reality, Video Game Maker; Andrea Avant, Etiquette and to Jessica Tucker for providing assistance throughout the program and even transporting students.

I want to thank our volunteers, who worked very hard for the Chapter with their limited time schedules. Specifically, Jessica Tucker, Jeff Daniels, Kelly Collins and Courtney Crews. This shout out goes to volunteers I did not mention (I apologize but you are appreciated).

Craig Collins
I want to thank Craig Collins (Student Programs Director) for working with the students throughout the National Competition, keeping things organized and making sure they were up and ready to go on time. This was not an easy task.

A GREAT BIG SPECIAL THANK YOU goes to JPMorgan Chase, who came through and financed our entire trip and experience at the National Conference. We were able to take eight (8) students and two Adults. This is awesome!! Caress Pendleton was the catalyst for getting JPMorgan Chase to continue to support our Chapter. BIG THANKS TO YOU!!! Thank you Karen Smith (JPMorgan Chase) for also supporting this effort.

We will begin our strategic planning for 2013 in September. Our 2013 Student Programs will begin in January. We have lots of work to do. In 2013, we would like to compete in all areas:
  1. Take an HSCC Team of 5 students
  2. Take an IT Showcase Team of 5 students
  3. Take 3 students to the Youth Technology Camp
We need the help of everyone in the BDPA Columbus chapter to make this happen.

Look for more correspondences from me on the progress and status of BDPA Columbus. If you don't know about BDPA better ask somebody!!!!

Thanks so much!!
Deborah E. Smedley, President
BDPA Columbus

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