Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Don't Wait for Apocalyptic Future to Improve Home Security System

Are you a fan of shows like 'Revolution' or 'Walking Dead'? These shows are based on an apocalyptic vision of the future where personal security can make the difference between life and death. In both cases, the future doesn't include a reliable power grid ... so it is good to know that for the first time ever, a home/office intercom system that does not require a wall power outlet. This wireless intercom system has an amazing 1000 foot range and can work on AA batteries for up to 12 months without ever being turned off!

This portable wireless intercom, created by, is fully expandable to an unlimited intercom system. It can also be seamlessly mated with wireless driveway alarm or wireless doorbell for communication with visitors to your front door.

Uses for this wireless intercom system are unlimited. Use it to communicate with places like your home, garage or workshop, between offices, between separate homes, back porch or pool, camping or hunting trips, temporary work areas, nursery or patient areas, motor home or guest room, upstairs/downstairs communication, and more!

The company also has some very cool personal gadgets!

In preparation for *any* future that is out there we should visit the informative, easy-to-use website of The company sells directly to the public at wholesale rates with no minimum purchase requirements. They do not sell unauthorized or “gray market” equipment of any kind. is a member of the Better Business Bureau.



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