Monday, August 13, 2012

Where Are They Now? BDPA Washington DC Chapter Presidents

BDPA Washington DC chapter was founded in May 1978 by Norman Mays. This was a significant event in BDPA history as it moved the organization from a local phenomenon in Philadelphia to a 'national' movement.

Our Washington DC chapter hosted national BDPA technology conferences in 1979 ('The Role of the Black Technical Organization), 1980 ('A New Era of Minority Involvement in Data Processing'), 1990 ('Education and Technology Bonding for Excellence'), 2000 ('Taking IT to the Net: From High-Tops to High-Tech') and 2007 ('Global Strategy for the IT Professional').

BDPA Washington DC won the national high school computer competition (HSCC) championship in 1986 and 1990. Sadly, our historical archives are not complete, so we do not know the names of the young people that won those two championships.

Here are some HSCC alumni from our Washington DC chapter who shared their testimonials with us: Stephanie Lampkin (2000), Janeen Thomas (2003) and Tarik Massac (2006-2008).

We would love to make a connection with other HSCC alumni from our Washington DC chapter. Where are they now?

It surprised me to learn that BDPA Washington DC chapter has never won 'Chapter of the Year' honors. Perhaps current chapter president Perry Carter can bring that honor to our nation's capital this year?

A number of past BDPA Washington DC chapter presidents have served important roles at the national level. Norman Mays was our second national president. Dr. Jesse Bemley invented both the High School Computer Competition and the BDPA IT Showcase. Margaret 'Midge' Jennings was our first-ever BDPA executive director. It would be great if we could hear from each of the past BDPA Washington DC chapter presidents:

Where Are They Now?

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