Sunday, March 31, 2013

Fluor Foundation

Established in 1952, the Fluor Foundation is funded by corporate contributions and endowment earnings. It is governed by a 9-member board of trustees composed of members from Fluor's senior management. The total worldwide Fluor contributions budget is determined as a percentage (1.5 to 2 percent) of the prior year's earnings before taxes. That budget totals approximately $5 to $6 million annually. (In 2007, Fluor and The Fluor Foundation will contribute $6 million to community organizations and education worldwide. Employees will add another $2.6 million with their donations to United Way, health and human services organizations and universities.)


Focusing on educational organizations and programs, universities and schools (where almost half of our total company contributions are allocated), Fluor supports school/business partnerships and programs that help achieve the following objectives:
  • Encouraging elementary/secondary students to pursue higher education/training, with an emphasis on engineering and construction
  • Improving and enhancing math/science curricula
  • Supporting teacher training in math/science
  • Encouraging mentoring and economic literacy programs
Nongovernmental organizations or educational institutions wishing to request funding should make an initial inquiry in the form of a two- to three-page letter. If the proposal is of interest to Fluor, additional information will be requested. Requests are reviewed on an ongoing basis. Fluor Corporation receives many more worthwhile requests than can be funded. Consequently, contributions can only be made to a percentage of organizations considered. Up to two months should be allowed for a reply.

Geographic focus for this foundation is: National/International, California, Ohio, South Carolina, Texas and Washington.

If your chapter or national business area is located within these geographic focus areas ... then this might be a good funding source for your SITES programming. Just let us know in the COMMENTS section below if your chapter wants to pursue this funding source.

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