Thursday, March 28, 2013

Chichester duPont Foundation

Only nonprofit charitable organizations, exempt under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, are eligible to receive a grant from Chicester duPont Foundation.

Organizations that develop an association and program understanding, with at least one trustee, experience the greatest likelihood of funding success. Preference is given to proposals for new initiatives, special projects, the expansion of current programs and capital improvement. The trustees devote particular emphasis to programs concerned with the environment, education, health care and those to which the Foundation’s giving will play a pivotal role.

The Foundation does not consider requests for programs outside the United States, and, in general, does not consider requests for more than $100,000. Grants are never made to individuals or to organizations carrying on propaganda, or attempting to influence legislation.

All grants must be received in the Foundation's offices no later than October 1. The Trustees meet on or about December 1 and grants are awarded and distributed on or before December 31.

Grants are usually awarded for one year only. Projects in areas the Foundation has a special interest may be considered for multi-year funding. Organizations may reapply from one year to the next. Only one grant application may be submitted in any calendar year. Organizations receiving grants are required to complete an evaluation report within twelve months after receipt of the funds.

Grants should be directed to:

Gregory F. Fields, Secretary
Chichester duPont Foundation
5720 Kennett Pike
P.O. Box 3598
Wilmington, DE 19807

Please let me know if your BDPA entity (local or national) is interested in applying for a grant proposal with this funding source.

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