Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Kohl's Fundraising Gift Card Program

Countless children and teenagers visit our homes each year encouraging us to buy everything from pizzas to wrapping paper to magazine subscriptions in order to raise money for their youth organizations. Kohl’s has created a simple, effective way to help raise much-needed funds for schools and nonprofit youth organizations, while, at the same time, eliminating many of the challenges characteristically associated with fundraising!

The Kohl's Fundraising Gift Card Program provides discounted fundraising gift cards to nonprofit, youth-serving organizations. These groups then sell the purchased cards at face value and keep the remaining profits. The more gift cards purchased, the higher the discount and the larger the profit. Kohl’s provides a 5% discount for purchases over $1,000 and 3% for total purchases between $500 and $900.

Visit the Kohl's website to learn more about this simple way to increase your organization’s fundraising results.


Waseem said...

Like the info..very helpful and informative for me if i ever use Discount Card fundraiser

Sweet Fairy said...

So nice. I have also ordered for Discount card printing to a company for my business.