Friday, March 1, 2013

Message from BDPA Cincinnati President

It’s an exciting time to be a part of BDPA Cincinnati!  Why? When talent, passion and commitment collide, how can that NOT be exciting??!!!

Clarence Larcarte
The leadership of the organization is so full of energy it amazing! Let me introduce you to them:
In 2013, we push forward with our mission of advancing Information Technology (IT) careers from the classroom to the boardroom. We live out this mission through youth-oriented programs such as SITES, High School Computer Competition, TECHie Club and IT Showcase as well as monthly professional program meetings and quarterly workshops.

If you’ve been around BDPA Cincinnati at all in the past this may sound familiar, but I can assure you that it is not business as usual. Any organization which hopes to remain vibrant and relevant must constantly adapt and BDPA is no exception. So, our leadership think tank has come up with creative new ideas as well as new spins on old ideas so that we can continue to provide value to our members. You can see some snip-its below, but if you really want to learn how you can benefit or how you can help, you really should join us.

Our efforts center around the creation of a vibrant pipeline of IT talent, with our events being centered around the concepts of LEARN MORE, EARN MORE, DO MORE!!

LEARN MORE: Build new skills and strengthen old ones - Get youth involved early in IT or learn a new professional and/or technical skill to apply towards your current career or to land a new position or promotion.
  • SITES – HSCC, IT Showcase
  • Techie Club
  • Quarterly Technical Workshops
  • Monthly Program Meetings - March 20th - Blacks In Technology
EARN MORE: Use your new skills and expanding network to improve your financial position - Translate your academic prowess into financial success
  • J.O.B—Jobs Opportunities Board
  • Yearly Career Fair
  • Professional Networking (Spring/Summer Mixers)
  • Entrepreneurship SIG
  • BDPA Job Board,
DO MORE: Use your talents to improve your community - Each one, teach one.
We are excited to partner with you to create a promising IT future!!

Best Regards,
Clarence Larcarte, President
BDPA Cincinnati Chapter

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