Thursday, June 3, 2010

Faye McBeath Foundation

The Faye McBeath Foundation is a private, independent foundation providing grants to tax-exempt nonprofit 501(c)(3) organizations in the metropolitan Milwaukee area. Its major areas of interest are: children, aging and elders, health, health education, civic and governmental affairs.

These areas were established by Faye McBeath and do not change. However, specific grant-making interests within each of these major categories change periodically. The Faye McBeath Foundation was established in 1964, shortly before the death of Faye McBeath in 1967 and they have been providing organizations with support for over 40 years.

The Application Process has six basic steps:
  1. Submittal of a letter of intent
  2. Communication with and from Foundation staff
  3. Formal invitation to submit a full proposal
  4. Submittal and review of a full proposal
  5. Notification of the Trustees' decision
  6. Submittal of a Letter of Intent

1020 N. Broadway, Suite 112
Milwaukee, WI 53202-3157

Contact: Scott Gelzer, Executive Director
Tel: (414) 272-2626
Fax: (414) 272-6235

Prepare a 1-2 page letter of intent that includes a brief description of the applicant organization, the program to be funded, the corresponding match between the Foundation's guidelines and the request, the amount requested and the estimated total project budget. Include the name and address of the organization, and the name, phone number and e-mail address of a contact person. There are no deadlines for letters of intent. Letters will be considered as they are received; timing of actual response and any scheduling of a full proposal may vary.

Upon receipt of a letter of intent, Foundation staff will formally respond by e-mail or letter. Staff may contact you to discuss the project and in some cases, may schedule a site visit. If the request is outside the current program, geographical, or funding interests of the Foundation, a letter will be promptly sent informing you of this determination.

Generally, applicants can expect a response to a letter of intent within 60 days of a letter's receipt. The final response will either be a decline of the letter or a formal invitation to submit a full proposal.

Good luck to any of our Milwaukee-based readers that might benefit from this information!

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