Thursday, June 17, 2010

Message from National BDPA President

BDPA Wants You!

I’m pleased to announce our new single-payment lifetime membership program. As we move toward the organization’s 35th year, you can help to ensure that BDPA sustains itself as the “Premier Organization for African Americans in IT” by making a lifetime commitment to the organization that has given us all so much.

As the President of the National BDPA organization, I am asking you to seriously consider becoming a BDPA lifetime member. Additionally, I’m asking you to reach out to others in your various networks and other affiliate organizations to invite them to become a BDPA lifetime members too.

This is your chance to join BDPA to discover skills you may not know you have, make new friends and interact with professionals who respect you and are ready to help you make good choices. Technology is where the action is, and BDPA is where technology comes to life solving real world business problems each and every day.

In addition to the standard benefits of BDPA membership, BDPA will recognize lifetime members at an exclusive reception at the 32nd annual BDPA Technology Conference in Philadelphia, PA on July 28-31, 2010. Lifetime members will be inducted as Charter Members of the “Founders Club” by BDPA Co-Founder, Earl Pace, and receive a special memento as a token of our appreciation.

Please remember the strength of BDPA lies with its members. The more active and involved the membership, the more influence we can have in raising the educational levels and technical skills of the community and our membership.

The benefits received through membership are directly related to the type and level of your involvement. With our STRONG membership contributing to the BDPA goals and objectives, BDPA is positioned as a viable force within the Information Technology industry and educational system.

To sign up for your lifetime BDPA membership, please contact Mildred Allen, Vice President of Membership Management, at, or contact our National BDPA Office at (800)727-BDPA.

Respectfully yours,
Yvette Graham, President
National BDPA

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