Sunday, June 27, 2010

HSCC Testimonial * Shayna Toyan-Joy Bradford (Detroit, 2003)

Shayna Toyan-Joy Bradford was a member of the high school computer competition (HSCC) team trained by BDPA Detroit chapter in 2003. She and her HSCC teammates traveled to Philadelphia in August 2003 to compete in the national HSCC championships. The team did well ... they finished in fifth place.

Shayna recently shared her HSCC testimonial with us:

During my tenth grade year of High School, my computer teacher handed out flyers about the BDPA HSCC Detroit chapter. At that time, I had a very deep interest in Computer Science & Engineering. I knew that if I were allowed to participate in the HSCC, it would help prepare me for my future studies and career goals. Thankfully, I was allowed the opportunity to train and work with the BDPA HSCC Detroit Chapter. The trainers/mentors were extremely knowledgeable and had first hand experience in a variety of Information Technology fields. I had no idea that I would be exposed to such talented, genuine, and motivating people. After training with the BDPA HSCC Detroit chapter, I felt confident that I possessed truly valuable skills that I could use beyond competing in the National BDPA HSCC.

Competing at the BDPA National HSCC competition was an extremely memorable and valuable experience. The competition allowed the HSCC teams to understand the distinct line between theory and practice in the Computer Science industry. Also, the competition gave us a thorough and raw introduction to the competitive IT industry. I feel, most importantly, the competition taught us how critical it is to perfect your skill set and have a dynamic mindset, because, ultimately your team is depending on you.

Overall, my experience with BDPA led to my continued interest in technology. I decided to concentrate in Neuroscience during my undergraduate studies. However, during college, I worked in the IT department and in my final year of studies, I started working with Apple. I plan to pursue a career in Neuroscience research but, I am looking forward to using the technological skills BDPA helped hone to advance my understanding of Brain disease and function.

Shayna is now a mother and a business owner. She owns Textures by Nefertiti, a natural hair care salon and spa in Detroit.

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