Monday, June 28, 2010

Grant Recipient: BDPA Los Angeles ($8,751)

BDPA Education and Technology Foundation (BETF) approved an $8,751.24 grant disbursement to BDPA Los Angeles chapter. BDPA Los Angeles chapter president John Malonson patiently worked with BETF over the past few months on a variety of fundraising efforts with Facebook and Raytheon Charitable Foundation. As a result of the chapter's patience and persistence ... the funding is available to support their efforts to bring a team of high school students to the 2010 National BDPA High School Computer Competition championships being held next month in Philadelphia.

BETF encourages all 45 BDPA chapters to follow our 7-step funding process. The process has worked for a number of BDPA chapters ... it can work for your chapter as well!

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Villager said...

8/17/10 - Final grant report submitted by BDPA Los Angeles chapter.

7/10/10 - Payment issued in amount of $8,675.23 - $76.01 lower than request. Chapter payable balance for LA adjusted after a periodic review of all transaction.

6/28/10 - BETF executive director approved the request. The funds are available in the restricted BDPA Los Angeles chapter fund.

6/23/10 - BDPA Los Angeles chapter re-submitted a complete IRS Tax Receipt Form seeking $8,751.24 in support of their 2010 SITES program.

6/22/10 - BETF executive director rejected the IRS Tax Receipt Form as being 'incomplete'. There was no reason or start/end dates provided on the request for funding.

5/17/10 - BDPA Los Angeles chapter submitted IRS Tax Receipt Form seeking $3884.99 funding from BETF.