Saturday, September 15, 2012

Comerica Charitable Foundation

The Comerica Charitable Foundation funding priorities support community needs in their primary markets within Texas, Michigan, California, Arizona, and Florida. They accept applications for cash grants to support program and capital expenses of nonprofit organizations whose mission meets the foundation’s priorities for giving.

Review Process - Each request is individually reviewed for eligibility. Requesting organizations will receive notification of a funding decision during the Grant Season schedule described below.

Giving Priorities - The Comerica Charitable Foundation regularly reviews needs in each of their geographic focus areas to ensure grant allocations are directed to support the most critical needs in our communities. Their giving priorities include:

Education including "Financial literacy programs (K-12 and adult)" and Programs supporting Diversity and Inclusion.

Funding Schedule - Four Annual Grant Seasons

To help them better respond to community needs as they emerge, and to maintain ongoing outreach with their community partners, Comerica established four Grant Seasons during which charitable organizations may apply to receive support from the Comerica Charitable Foundation:

411 W Lafayette Mc 3415
Detroit, MI 48226
(313) 222-6325

Jan. 1 – March 15 (Grants announced April 15)
April 1 – June 15 (Grants announced July 15)
July 1 – Sept. 15 (Grants announced Oct. 15)
Oct. 1 – Nov. 15 (Grants announced Dec. 15)

It appears that we have local BDPA chapter co-located with Comerica Charitable Foundation markets in: Austin, Bay Area, Dallas, Detroit, Gr. Tampa Bay, Houston, Los Angeles, Orlando and South Florida. Anyone interested in seeking funding from Comerica Charitable Foundation?

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