Monday, September 10, 2012

Should BDPA Help Put Computers and Internet Access Into the Homes of Low-Income Families?

BDPA Education and Technology Foundation (BETF) is engaged in discussions about a new strategic alliance that would allow us to place personal computers and Internet access into the homes of many of the students that participate in our Student Information Technology Education & Scholarship (SITES) program.

It turns out that Redemtech, a world leader in IT Asset Disposition, joined with Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Chairman Julius Genachowski and Connect2Compete (C2C) to launch PC Pledge 100, a nationwide campaign to close the digital divide through corporate donations of used computers. Redemtech kicked off the drive by pledging 200 computers to the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) and an additional 100 computers for nonprofits focused on digital literacy.

C2C is a $4 billion public-private initiative, launched by the FCC in December 2011 to narrow the digital divide by providing free digital literacy training, discounted high-speed Internet and low-cost computers for low-income Americans. Redemtech is the exclusive provider of Good PCSM refurbished computers, complete with Genuine Microsoft software, warranty, technical support and free shipping to all eligible families. Redemtech additionally provides free asset recovery and recycling at end of life to ensure responsible disposal and mitigate corporate donors from environmental liability.

Through PC Pledge 100, businesses and other organizations can donate 100 or more computers to provide much-needed technology for low-income Americans who participate in C2C. Companies interested in donating can visit BDPA has over 90 corporate sponsors ... many of whom may want to participate in this program.
While a home computer is essential to full participation in today’s society, more than 60 million U.S. homes lack a PC,” said Jill Vaské, Redemtech executive vice president. “Through PC Pledge 100, the business community can help C2C participants enjoy a better education, a brighter future and a world of possibilities.”
More than 17 million used-but-still-useful corporate PCs in the U.S. go to waste annually due to premature disposal or storage. While this equipment may be outdated by corporate standards, it remains useful to low-income families that need computers but cannot afford new technology.
I am so pleased by Redemtech’s announcement today that it is launching a PC Pledge Drive to encourage computer donations,” said Genachowski. “This effort will help ensure that more Americans get affordable computers so they can get online and become full participants in our digital economy and culture.
Giving ROI: Streamlined Donation Process Helps Businesses Reap Returns on Donations
With more than a decade of experience in refurbishing and redeploying large volumes of corporate, Redemtech is uniquely qualified to provide the refurbishment and deployment services to support C2C. The company’s Serious Good® initiative streamlines the donation process for businesses and other organizations. Microsoft plays a key role in the program through its Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher (MAR) program that enables large refurbishers like Redemtech to supply PCs preinstalled with genuine Microsoft software at only a nominal cost to schools, nonprofit organizations and other specially approved recipients. This essential software has a retail value of approximately $500 – and adds tremendous value to the C2C computers.
Microsoft recognizes the importance of technology access for under-served communities and supports Redemtech and Connect2Compete through our program that provides low-cost Windows and Office for disadvantaged groups. Redemtech is one of the largest members of this program and consistently develops innovative ways to reach new users of technology,” said Sean Nicholson, worldwide manager for Microsoft Registered Refurbisher program.
When corporations fund the refurbishment of donated PCs, they can realize a Giving ROI of $5 - $7 for every dollar invested, as documented in the Redemtech white paper “Giving: The Most Strategic IT Asset Disposition.” A leading analyst firm wrote last year that “Redemtech Re-writes the Rules on IT Equipment Donation” with Serious Good. The program is up and running. The question on the table is whether this is a program that would be of interest to BDPA at the local, regional or national interest.  
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