Thursday, September 20, 2012

'The Business Landscape of Cloud Computing' by Daryl Plummer

Daryl Plummer is a past member of the National BDPA Board of Directors. He served as our outside director for a couple of years. Daryl is a Gartner Fellow responsible for that companies research into Cloud Computing and Emerging Technologies. He is one of the highest-ranking African Americans in the consulting realm of the IT industry.

One of the things I always appreciated about Daryl was his ability to break down high-powered technology and leadership concepts into practical language and images that everyone could understand. He continues to demonstrate that skill with the publication of a new eBook, The Business Landscape of Cloud Computing.

He breaks down the concept of 'Cloud Computing' in the following way:
"Cloud computing means someone else runs your computers and software while you use what they deliver and focus on delivering value."
All of the most important cloud computing topics are covered including security, ROI, Cloud Services Brokerage (third party intermediaries), and the ever present question of private vs. public. Mr. Plummer even ventures into macro economic territory in looking at the impact of cloud computing, job creation, and as more companies move into the cloud, the question of whether or not some cloud infrastructure providers become Too Big to Fail?

If you are new to cloud, this is a must read. If you have been working with the cloud for a while now, it is a great reminder that the real value of the cloud is what is possible because of the cloud, or to use Daryl’s words the cloud allows you to focus on value [rather than technology].

I encourage all BDPA members to check out this eBook.

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