Wednesday, September 26, 2012

HP Corporate Foundation

HP Corporate Foundation provides grants to U.S. universities, low-income and ethnically diverse K-12 school districts, national non-profit organizations that align with HP's goals to increase achieivement in math and science, and underserved communities working to address their most pressing issues through reinvention and collaboration.

HP only accepts grant proposals by invitation.

HP supports kindergarten through grade twelve (K-12) education programs that enhance math, science, reading, and computer skills; professional development activities that emphasize teachers using technology as a tool in the classroom; or programs that provide educational enrichment and assistance to students before, during or after school (for example - homework centers, mentoring, or science programs). HP also supports programs and partnerships that are national or regional in scope.

Email for more information.

There is no point in approaching this corporate foundation without a strong employee champion. Do you have such an employee champion in your BDPA chapter?

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