Wednesday, September 19, 2012

BDPA Sponsor CincyTech Invests in Black-Owned Lisnr

CincyTech became a BDPA corporate sponsor as part of their commitment to increase the level of investment in the minority community within the IT industry. As such, BDPA is very happy to report that CincyTech has invested in the interactive audio start-up company Lisnr and referred it to Centrifuge, where it is the first tenant of the new innovation hub.

The founder of Lisnr is a brother ... Rodney Williams! His company is a mobile-based application that allows artists/labels to create exclusive content and for fans to change their otherwise passive listening experience into an experience that is interactive and engaging.

Using Lisnr's patent-pending technology, the app will hear the track and unlock exclusive content for the fan. Lisnr has identified three verticals in which its product can be used: in music, in live performances, and in broadcasts, and in three different types of interactions: with consumers, with brands, and with advertisers.

Founder and CEO Rodney Williams (shown above) left Procter & Gamble to launch Lisnr with Blackbook HR founder Chris Ostoich and developer Chris Ridenour. For more information about Lisnr visit Lisnr.

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