Monday, June 27, 2011

HSCC Testimonial: James Gadsden (Philadelphia, 2007-2009)

BDPA Philadelphia chapter has been part of the Student Information Technology Education & Scholarship (SITES) program for over 20 years. Over 100 high school students have gone through the program. One of those students is James Gadsden. James was part of the Philadelphia chapter teams that competed for the National BDPA HSCC Championship in 2007 (Washington DC), 2008 (Atlanta) and 2009 (Raleigh).

James shared his thoughts on BDPA with us:

My time in the High School Computer Competition (HSCC) program as a student was an amazing experience. I can definitely say that I've grown from being involved in the program. When I first began the program, I was very shy and reserved and nervous about the entire aspect of the program and eventually, the competition.

I became more and more comfortable with the various aspects of the program and more confident in myself after my first year.

The second and third years that I spent in the program were my favorite. I learned so much and was able to incorporate what I learned from the program into my other endeavors like school and work.

I returned to BDPA Philadelphia chapter to serve as an assistant HSCC coordinator after I graduated from high school. I helped prepare the students for the competition. I am grateful for everything that the mentors, coordinators and guests have taught me throughout the years.

James has a powerful BDPA legacy. His aunt, Eileen Gadsden, will be BDPA Philadelphia chapter president in 2011-2012. BDPA Education and Technology Foundation is working to see that the future students from BDPA Philadelphia chapter earn a college scholarship. Our hope is that you will help us 'make it so'.

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