Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year BDPA!

We all wake up this morning with the knowledge that we've made it to the second year of the new decade. We enter into 2012 with an opportunity to make all things new again. I enter into yet another year with the BDPA Foundation Blog and wonder what the new year will bring in terms of content, comments and viability.

It is hard to keep up the consistency with a blog in today's world with the movement that many have made to other social networks like Facebook or Twitter. However, I will continue to try to keep this blog up and running. My hope is that we find our voice in 2012 to such an extent that more of you begin to share your insights with us.

I have been a member of BDPA since 1988 and served in a variety of leadership roles that include chapter president, national membership chair, national vice president, national president and BETF executive director since 1989. The experiences and training that BDPA provided to me expedited my rise to the Senior Executive Service within the federal government. For the past 10 years I've been earning my living as an entrepreneur. I believe that the best years of BDPA are in the future and I'm proud of the past 37 years of our history.

I suspect that the big story of 2012 will be whether or not incoming national president Monique Berry and her leadership team will be able to provide tangible programs, scholarships and services that demonstrate the BDPA value-proposition to IT professionals around the nation. BDPA needs to grow its membership substantially in 2012 ... and the BDPA Foundation needs to grow its economic impact substantially as well.

This blog will continue to focus on issues related to BDPA regional and national conferences, education, technologists of African descent in America, STEM and technology. We will also share blog posts about nonprofit finances, funding sources, foundation marketing, fundraising tips and scholarships.   Also, we will up the ante on sharing stories about the future faces of technology, BETF scholarship winners and our BDPA leaders.

In any case, at this point ... we simply want to wish all of you a glorious New Year!

Heck, why don't you start the year off right by making a secure online donation to the BDPA Foundation!

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