Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Message from BDPA Cincinnati Chapter President

Dalric Webb
I am drafting this month’s message to you from the “bullpen” of the Presidents meeting at the 36th Annual BDPA Technology Conference here in Indianapolis, Indiana. I say this is the “bullpen” because there are ideas, comments, suggestions, opinions, and information coming fast and furious between and amongst the BDPA Chapter Presidents and BDPA organizational leaders in the packed room. The room is full of energy as we collaborate in our mutual goal to at winning the “race to innovate”!

It is wonderful to be amongst the leaders of our peer chapters and report that we are the 2nd-largest chapter in the nation, RAPIDLY closing in on the largest chapter in the nation. Similarly, I have taken the personal challenge to exemplify many of our peer chapter leaders and work a little harder to engage and re-engage with our chapter members through a more personal contact. So look for me reaching out to each chapter member over the next few weeks!

Mike Williams
One of the most empowering messages I have heard today is about volunteers who take on the roles on a board. Mike Williams (FIS) gave a POWERFUL talk on Leadership and Building High Performance Teams. My take-away was his point that volunteers have to be committed to giving three key things when they accept a role: “time, treasury, and talent”. Mike stated when he COMMITS to filling a role on a board; he plans to give his time, to cut a check to the organization, and to give his talent. Mike also stated that the board members should “challenge” each other to excel on high performance teams. My interpretation of Mike’s comments was that members on a board that do not feel like they are part of the team, detract from the team. Being a part of the team means interacting with the team, coming to meetings, giving your “talent” to not only the mission, but also to the other members of the board to sharpen and strengthen both your and their abilities and capabilities. I hope I bring this level of commitment to each of our board members and encourage each board member to do the same.

Dalric Webb and 2014 Cincinnati HSCC team
The next couple of days here in Indy are packed full of high energy activities in which our stellar HSCC team will have an opportunity to compete with the best each of the other chapters have to offer. I’m sure our team will shine brightly and make us all even more proud! Our continued challenge as an organization is to further these young leaders careers, “from the classroom to the boardroom”. Under that endeavor, I’d like for us to set a target of getting each of our HSCC students into an Early Identification Program at one of our local corporations. Let’s put these sharp young talents into a groove for continued success by getting them in, growing them, and watching them give back! I will personally take a part of owning that challenge by ensure our students get plenty of attention at the career fair here at the conference. I encourage all the chapter board members to actively seek opportunities for our HSCC team to get that jump start to their professional journey.

Although we have grown over 93% since the start of the year, I feel I have not given enough attention to the sponsors who have helped grow our chapter and who have provided the financial support so essentially needed to execute the Student Information Technology Education & Scholarship programs, the monthly luncheon programs, and to give our hard working volunteers the support they need as we strive to close the technology gap in our under-served communities. A sincere and humble thank you to Dr. Prince Ellis (Brown Mackie College), Dr. John Farrar (Northern Kentucky University), Frank Hill (Cincinnati State Technical College), Kevin Murray (Cincinnati Bell), John Scott (Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center), Bernadette Veal (Procter & Gamble) and Tina Welch (Delta Gateway Foundation) for your commitment to bringing technology to the under-served youth in our minority communities by your direct support of the BDPA Cincinnati chapter volunteers. We can’t do what we need to do without you!

Finally, as I do each month, I ask for your engagement if you are not already engaged. There is so much more we can do but for the lack of willing members who can see the value of giving a few hours a week of their time to a greater cause. Won’t you consider being a part of this dynamic and focused team of technology professionals? Consider joining the BDPA Cincinnati Chapter Board of Directors. We have a very strong team which works VERY well together to accomplish our mutual goals and objectives. You will be in the company of some really good (and SMART) people with a passion for not only YOUR success, but the success of our youth and our communities. It is a positive team to be a part of and we want you to be a part too. Please consider taking one of the open positions within the chapter. No role is too small and the need is great. You can do this. We need you. Our communities need you. Our students need you. Visit our chapter landing page to see which positions are open and are of interest to you. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Can you spare 2 hours a week to return months of value to others in need? Let’s talk. Give me a call on (513) 549-6991 or send me an email and let’s chat about how you can give just a little and get so much in return.

As always, your feedback is earnestly solicited. How is your BDPA membership working out for you? How can we improve the value of your membership? Send me a note or pull me to the side at the monthly program meeting. This is YOUR chapter. Are you feeling engaged?

Dalric Webb, president
BDPA Cincinnati Chapter

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