Sunday, August 17, 2014

Where Are They Now: 1976 BDPA Officers

BDPA first year of operation was in 1976. That year was devoted to stabilizing the young organization. Highlights of the year included presentations on such topics as Computer Security, Use of Data Processing in the Securities Field, Data Processing from a Users' View, Entry Level Data Processing, and the Automated Office of the Future.

The year ended with 35 members.

The following officers were elected or appointed in June 1976:
  • President - Earl Pace Jr.
  • Vice President - Ralph Gordon
  • Secretary - Charles Jones Jr. (deceased)
  • Treasurer - Mary Ann Lowery
  • Program Committee - Craig Bethea, Roy Barnes (deceased), Douglas Funderburg
  • Membership Committee - James Moten (deceased), Howard James and Edward Royster
Of course, we are blessed to see Earl Pace regularly at BDPA board meetings and the annual conference. Mary Ann Lowery served as national BDPA treasurer well into the 1990s. Howard James served as BDPA Philadelphia chapter president in the 1990s. Howard is currently an entrepreneur building a business in the growing tea industry.

However, we don't see the other officers from 1976 as often. Where are they now?

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