Saturday, August 16, 2014

Member on the Move: Stephanie Lampkin (Hoowenware)

It has been a few years since we've updated our blog readers on the story of Stephanie Lampkin. Stephanie embodies the BDPA motto of 'classroom to the boardroom'. She began her BDPA journey as a member of the 2000 High School Computer Competition team trained by BDPA Washington DC chapter.

Stephanie Lampkin
Her journey now continues in the 'boardroom' as the founder and chief executive officer of Hoowenware, a travel management & collaboration platform that integrates commonly used tools to create a seamless group travel experience. Stephanie recently concluded her crowdfunding campaign and now she is fundraising for equity stake in her start-up company.

Stephanie is also open to doing small web development or business development contracts as she continues to build her company. The demo for Hoowenware is live and we encourage our blog readers to check it out! Stephanie build everything herself including the logo (photoshop), video ( and website ( You are encouraged to click every button and link on the demo website. There is a survey link in the upper right corner and Stephanie would love to get your candid and useful feedback.

Our understanding is that the first version of the web application will be completed by the end of this month and the Android application will be completed by the end of October. We often talk about the importance of supporting our own entrepreneurs and business owners. Well, here is a chance to do just that ... next step is yours!

You can find Stephanie (@stephaneurial) and her company (@hoowenware) on Twitter!

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