Thursday, August 21, 2014

Tech Entrepreneur Eric Hamilton on 'Challenges Facing Blacks in Technology'

Eric Hamilton is a technology entrepreneur and a member of our BDPA New York chapter.  Eric helped unleash Around The Way which is a mobile app company.   Around The Way's mobile app finds the closest Black-owned business to your location. He founded the Web Academy, a FREE online school that teaches web design. He wrote the book, 'Social Media Branding in the Age of Obama'.

Currently, Eric is crowdfunding for his newest innovation, 'TinyStic', a portable HDMI device that uses wireless Miracast technology to turn your phone into a PC.

Anyhow, Eric was interviewed by Declassified Agenda and he shared his thoughts on the challenges that face Blacks in Technology and how he sees African Americans succeeding in the information technology industry.

Eric laid out some fairly provocative opinions on the challenges that face Blacks in technology. Do you agree or disagree with his thoughts on the matter?

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