Monday, December 29, 2008

Grant Proposal: Microsoft

Microsoft offers two primary ways for nongovernmental organizations (NGOs, also known as nonprofit organizations) to acquire the Microsoft technology they need:
  1. Use Windows Live or Microsoft Office Live services and other online applications to access free software through the Internet.

  2. Apply for a software grant through the Microsoft Software Donation program.

The BDPA Foundation and BDPA Cincinnati chapter partnered with the Microsoft management team to submit a $935,475 grant proposal through the software donation program. The proposal focused on providing software necessary to upgrade 25 desktop computers in the chapter's Community Technology Center.

Steve Gutter (chapter VP-Finance) and Frank Hill (chapter past president) worked closely with the BDPA Foundation to finalize the grant proposal. We feel that the grant will be positively received by Microsoft. BDPA Cincinnati chapter plans to use the software to expand their Student IT Education & Scholarship (SITES) program in a centralized CTC facility in 2009.

We will let you know the final disposition on this grant proposal. Is your chapter working with the BDPA Foundation yet?

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