Saturday, December 27, 2008

Message from Greater Tampa Bay Chapter President

One of my great joys in BDPA is to watch the successful growth of the BDPA vision in a community. I've been watching that growth in Tampa Bay, FL over the past few months under the focused leadership of BDPA Greater Tampa Bay chapter president Frank Shines. Frank stepped up to challenge issued earlier this year by immediate past president Leslie Mozon.

Here is the message that Frank shared with his members and supporters about the progress over the past year and plans for next year:

Beginning in August 2008 we began an effort to rebuild the Greater Tampa Bay chapter. Our chapter had become dormant over the past three years and only 2-3 members were showing up for monthly program meetings. However, in the past five months, we have made enormous strides; this due largely to the efforts of our immediate past president, Leslie Mozon, Wayne Hicks and our current officers: Gilda Mack (VP of Strategy & Planning), Michelle Graham (VP of Finance) and Ian Elius (VP of Member Services).

The end of a year is a great milestone point to pause, reflect and plan for the future. Let me take a moment to tell you what we have achieved this year and where the Tampa Bay chapter is headed in 2009. First, we took the time to look at other top-performing chapters and conduct some benchmarking against other national and local competitors. We also spent lots of time listening to the wise counsel of
Wayne Hicks, whose invaluable experience, business insights and uncanny ability to detect trends in IT, were a Godsend. Based on that input and the hard work of our officers in 2008 we:
  • Completed our three year strategic plan (an ongoing work in progress)
  • Created our program for 2009 HSCC/SITES competitions
  • Launched twice-monthly chapter communiques to all members and partners
  • Added conference call-ins and Web meetings to all monthly program meetings
  • Developed and launched chapter website and added Web 2.0 and cloud computing tools
  • Increased our monthly attendance and membership by 4-5 times its past level
  • Developed partnerships with Computer Mentors Group (IT training to at-risk youth), Smarter Solutions, Skill of Success, and Streale to further grow membership, and to increase marketing and branding in both the local and online communities
  • Developed a roster of public speakers from Wachovia, Pilgrim Software, Camstar, Industriaplex, and Skill of Success who spoke with us on the topics of SOA/Web Services, Project Management, Six Sigma, Regulatory Compliance, Enterprise Quality and Wealth Management
In 2009 we have very ambitious plans, chief among these:
  • Working with IBM and Computer Mentors Group to showcase events for the Feb 2009 Black Family Technology Awareness Week
  • Following up on more than 23 grant and sponsorship opportunities
  • Executing the March 2009 charity golf tournament with Computer Mentors Group and many local businesses and sponsors
  • Developing our team for HSCC/SITES to compete at the national conference
  • Launching training curriculum and entrepreneurship programs for at-risk youth working with Computer Mentors Group, Apex Digital Imaging and Skill of Success
  • Providing Web based training on Management & Communication Skills, Executive Presence, SaaS/Cloud Computing and Building Your Online Image
  • Speaker topics will include: Recession-Proofing Your Career, Building Your Online Image, Becoming an Accomplished Public Speaker, The Growth of Saas/Cloud Computing, Zoho and Google Apps, Entrepreneurship / Intrapreneurship, Future of SAP, Lean Six Sigma 2.0, ITIL & Virtualization, Money Matters and Getting Promoted

Our heartfelt thanks go out to our founder, Earl Pace, the national BDPA leadership and staff, and all of the chapter presidents who have helped us to revitalize the Tampa Bay chapter in 2008. We wish you all peace and joy this holiday season...and all the success in 2009!

Frank Shines, president
BDPA Greater Tampa Bay

BDPA Greater Tampa Bay is the 36th largest chapter in the nation. I anticipate that they will be in the 'Top 20' before the end of next quarter! Please share your COMMENTS on Frank's message if you have time or inclination.


Matthew Lampkin said...

Continued success to the Greater Tampa Bay Chapter, we are all pulling for you. Matthew, from Hartford.

Villager said...

Matthew - I'm grateful to you for taking time to share your encouragement in the COMMENTS area. Hopefully more BDPA members and supporters will use this blog to encourage one another.

I trust things are going well with BDPA Hartford chapter as we enter the new year!