Tuesday, December 30, 2008

BDPA IT Corps: Can We Go Global?

Norman Mays is a man with a vision. His vision led him to become the founder of BDPA chapters in Cleveland and Washington DC. His vision led him to become our national BDPA president from 1981 thru 1984.

Norman Mays currently has a vision about taking BDPA to Africa.

He partnered with Ademola Solaru to propose that our Student IT Education & Scholarship (SITES) program be expanded to include students from different countries in Africa. Norman and Ademola traveled to Tanzania earlier this year to meet with African officials at the Leon Sullivan Summit to talk about creation of a BDPA IT Corps ... loosely based on the Peace Corps concept.

We are now entering into the second year of the pilot program. The BDPA IT Corps is a program that is characterized by connectivity on an international level - through computer technology as well as by establishing direct social ties. It is designed to work hand in hand with the SITES and the BDPA IT Showcase. Its mission is to broaden the experiences and professional preparation of its participants through exchanges of technology and cultural knowledge that address community issues in the United States and in developing countries.

The mission will be fulfilled by visits to African countries by teams of BDPA high school computer competition (HSCC) alumni students. While in Africa, the students and chaperones will participate in visits to educational institutions in order to meet, socialize and work with local peer group students. They will engage in discussions on a variety of technology topics and creation of African-based computer competitions.

At this stage we need to raise money to fund this program. You can help by making a pledge to the BDPA IT Corps program. Or you can direct us to a funding source in America or Africa that you think might be interested in working with the BDPA IT Corps program.

Please share your thoughts via the COMMENTS option below. We need to generate some enthusiasm and support for this program. What say u?

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