Sunday, December 28, 2008

3rd Annual ScienceOnline Conference

Soulclap to SES: Science, Education & Society for telling us about 3rd annual ScienceOnline Conference, the annual science blogging conference, to be held Jan. 16-18, 2009 in Research Triangle Park, NC.

The goal is to bring together scientists, bloggers, educators, students, journalists and others to discuss, demonstrate and debate online strategies and tools for promoting the public understanding of science.

The event is already sold-out.

One of the interesting panel discussions will focus on race in scienceonline and offline — moderated by Danielle Lee and Samia Ansari. Do most people still assume that if there is no profile picture, most readers will automatically assume that the author is white. What can be done to promote minorities blogging? How can blogs by minorities be used to attract kids into science careers? How the Web provides new methods and means for action and effecting positive change. Go here to discuss.

I hope that BDPA finds a way to use Web 2.0 tools ... including blogs ... to market and promote itself over the coming weeks and months. In fact, I wonder if we are promoting our 2009 BDPA Technology Conference ... that is also being held in the Research Triangle area ... at the 2009 ScienceOnline Conference.

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