Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Top Ten Information Technology Stories of 2008

Kudos to Philadelphia Chapter for pointing us to CIO Insight slideshow listing the Top 10 IT Stories for 2008.
  1. It's the Economy, stupid - The financial crisis and recession created the lens through which all other stories -- including IT stories -- will be viewed.
  2. The First Internet Campaign - Barack Obama integrated technology into every phase of his campaign.
  3. The Smartphone Revolution - As iPhone-mania swept the consumer market and began to seep into the enterprise. The age of mobile computing is here.
  4. Forecast: Clouds - Cloud computing became so mainstream that Dell tried to copyright the term.
  5. Vista Missed-a - Early disgruntlement at Microsoft's latest operating system didn't go away.
  6. 2.0 Everywhere - Most companies still aren't so good at public-facing blogs and social networks.
  7. The Greening of IT - High energy costs made Green the color of the year.
  8. Globalization and its Discontents - Business slowed for big outsources, who responded by moving up the value chain and purchasing western companies.
  9. Media Unravels - The Net continued to remake the media marketplace.
  10. Big Deal - HP swallowed EDS, creating a worthy competitor for IBM in the IT-services industry.
Use the COMMENTS link below if you have any thoughts on these top 10 IT stories. Also, what do you see at the top 2-3 BDPA-related stories for this year?


Monique said...

Thank you for the kudos.

Villager said...

Monique - I appreciate the work that is being done by your chapter's blog(ger). It was a pleasure to share the knowledge with my blog readers...