Monday, December 1, 2008

Message from Richmond Chapter President

BDPA Richmond earned the 'Chapter Membership Award' earlier this year. I marvel at the work done by this chapter in social networks (CollectiveX, YahooGroup, Facebook), comprehensive SITES program and aggressive fundraising initiatives. So, I wasn't surprised when Jackie Pryor, one of the strongest BDPA presidents in the nation, shared the following message with her chapter stakeholders:

Dear BDPA Members, Friends and Colleagues,

Heading into the Holiday Season provides us an opportunity to reflect on the positive things we have experienced during the past year and prepare for the New Year with even bigger goals and aspirations. It is time to feel grateful for our health and family and to be thankful for the many things we take for granted. The Holidays also give us a chance to recharge and assess the true meaning and purpose of our lives.

I am very proud of the BDPA Richmond Chapter and our members. I am thankful for the achievements of our Executive Board and dedicated members who worked hard to serve our chapter.

BDPA Richmond continues to close the Digital Divide by helping the community maintain an awareness of the value of computer technology. This year we delivered programs such as LEGO, the Middle School Computer Terminology Quiz Bowl, and the High School Computer Competition Training program. With our continued support of the SITES program- Student Information Technology Education and Scholarship Programs, we gave students over $3,500 in scholarships in 2008.

This year our chapter has been the third largest chapter in BDPA. This is a remarkable growth and proof that interest continues in our organization to grow. This means also that our collective BDPA wealth of member experiences has grown phenomenally and your professional networking opportunities are more abundant than ever.

I feel indebted to each and every officer, board member, committee member and sponsor, as well as all those who actively engage themselves in our chapter, for their remarkable efforts and achievements this past year. Whether it was organizing a program meeting, planning a social or networking event, or introducing our profession to high school students, our volunteers do it all. Thank you everyone.

As you look back on 2008, take pride in what you have accomplished personally and professionally, and take a moment to acknowledge what others have done to help you along the way.

Our challenge in 2009 is to continue the implementation of our Chapter's two-year Strategic Plan. The purpose of the strategic plan is to link chapter priorities and objectives to the BDPA National strategic priorities, local member needs and community requirements.

As you set your New Year's resolutions, consider putting your involvement in BDPA high on that list. The benefits you will reap include professional development, networking and social opportunities, and simply making our profession better, which in my mind is priceless!

On behalf of the Richmond chapter’s Executive Board and all of our key volunteers, I wish you and yours a joyous and a very safe holiday season.

Best Regards,
Jackie Pryor, President
BDPA Richmond Chapter
Motto: “Educate to Elevate”

Please use the COMMENTS section below to share some love with Jackie! Is your chapter president sending out messages like this as well?

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