Friday, December 12, 2008

Seeking Students * IT Showcase Call for Participation

BDPA seeks participants for the 2009 IT Showcase. BDPA created this program for two reasons. First, we wanted to provide an opportunity for our High School Computer Competition (HSCC) alumni to continue their participation at the annual BDPA Technology Conference. Second, we wanted to encourage more African American students to pursue Ph.D. level education in the hard sciences. There are too few African Americans moving into this educational track. We want the IT Showcase to increase the flow in the Ph.D. pipeline.

BDPA IT Showcase participants are high school and undergraduate college students. The focus is leading edge technologies, hardware and software methodologies, research proofs of concepts encompassing, but not limited to, intelligent technologies (i.e., smart toys, machine learning, and genetic algorithms), power systems analysis, wearable computing, web technologies, high performance computing (HPC), computing curricula, computational science, robotics, virtual reality and much more.

Demonstrations are incorporated in the presentations where applicable. Presentations are judged in two categories, college (undergraduate) and high school. Three awards will be made in each category.

Presentations at previous showcases have answered questions such as the following:
  • What is a smart toy?
  • Can machines actually learn?
  • Is there a difference between virtual humans and avatars?
  • How will high performance computing change IT as we know it?
  • What are benefits of Electronic Stability Control (ESC) System?
  • Will genetic algorithms put more programmers out of work?
  • Can neural networks actually be trained?
  • Why would anyone want to wear a computer?
  • Should I get an Internet phone?
  • Are those movie/video scenes actually computer-generated?
  • Can I actually make maps on my computer?
Do you know any HSCC alumni or college students who might be interested in earning all-expense paid trip to Raleigh NC in order to participate in the 2009 BDPA IT Showcase? If so, share the 'Call for Participation' with them!

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