Thursday, March 17, 2011

CACI Project Philanthropy

CACI is proud of their 46 years of service to the federal government and America. From the first innovative services they provided, through today's professional services and IT solutions, CACI has made significant contributions to the defense of American freedoms and the wellbeing of our country.

CACI has another very important mission, one that goes beyond their business driven initiatives. It's summed up by what they call Project Philanthropy - a company-wide effort focused on promoting and advancing charitable activities that best reflect CACI's unique culture and business.

Through this comprehensive program, CACI serves national and local communities with corporate and employee donations of funds, time and expertise. CACI and its people are always ready to help preserve national treasures for future generations, assist our wounded military personnel, expand educational opportunities for our youth, take the lead in good citizenship endeavors and support numerous special initiatives.

Education is a key component of CACI's Project Philanthropy program. Educational achievement offers personal satisfaction and broadened career opportunities, ensures a well informed public and helps build a strong foundation for a growing, resilient nation. It helps guarantee that our young people, as one of America's most important natural resources, will have the opportunities to excel in their lives and make lasting contributions to our nation.

CACI's philanthropic efforts provide broad based education support nationally and locally. Employees have a long history of participation in educational initiatives, assisting with reading programs, tutoring, mentoring programs and other projects to help young people achieve their educational goals.

Program Guidelines and Criteria
  • Recipients must be IRS approved 501(c)(3) organizations
  • The activities of recipient organizations must support educational causes, charitable initiatives or the preservation of national treasures
Please contact CACI Project Philanthropy first with a written summary of request - submission of a standard application may also be requested. Contributions are restricted to specific projects or programs only, not general operating accounts.

Please submit a summary of your request that includes a description of your organization and project, your contact information and any relevant program history to

Does your BDPA chapter have an CACI employees? In any case, BETF is willing to partner with BDPA on a local or national basis to submit a 'letter of inquiry' to CACI Project Philanthropy. Who is interested in pursuing this funding opportunity?

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