Thursday, March 24, 2011

BDPA Columbus Students Go Virtual in Their Computer Camp Training

Philena Rush
BDPA Columbus chapter member Philena Rush is using her knowledge of virtual reality to create a new venue for computer science training for middle school and high school students in Ohio. We decided that it made sense to create a virtual reality landing place for BDPA inside of Second Life -- the major virtual reality platform on the Internet.

I asked Philena to share some insights on how BDPA supporters who have never been in a virtual reality platform could go to their computer and see what is taking place within BDPA Columbus chapter.

This is what she had to say:

  1. The first step is to Join Second Life
    • One of the steps in the process involves downloading and installing the Second Life Viewer program. This is what allows you to access the Nonprofit Commons and our virtual island location inside Second Life.
    • Simply download the software when you are taken to the page where it asks you to download it and click on it and it will walk you through its installation.
  2. Once it is installed and you open it, use the login name you chose to log into the software.
  3. A collection of official video tutorials for beginners is available on Second Life's YouTube Channel.
  4. Tips and Tricks:
    • If you are accessing Second Life from your place of employment, please check into your firewall policies, as your workplace firewall may prevent access.
    • Choose your Second Life name wisely, as this will be how people will identify you and refer to you as you interact with Second Life.
    • The way your avatar appears when you start is completely modifiable. Don't fret about the default avatar you choose.
    • The Second Life Wiki is your best friend, search it when you have any questions about Second Life, it is where we look when we are asked questions about it.
  5. Here's a jog I made for BDPA Teens in Virtual Worlds

This blog has shared insights about Second Life in the past. I was surprised to learn that so few BDPA members or supporters were on Second Life.

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