Tuesday, March 8, 2011

BDPA Technology Project: Dawud Roman (Baton Rouge)

Dawud Roman is a student member of our BDPA Baton Rouge chapter. He regularly attends the computer camp sessions hosted by his chapter on Saturdays.

BDPA Baton Rouge co-founder Glenda Chappell wrote,
"Dawud Roman is one of our students here in Baton Rouge. He is a middle school student who is always actively participating in class, and does extra research outside of class. He has presented to our membership at a program meeting, after making this presentation to the class.

He is one of our brightest up and coming, and we are so PROUD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
We are proud to share Dawud's technology presentation with our blog readers as well!

Take a moment to subscribe to Dawud's YouTube account ... and more importantly, share some encouragement for the young man via a comment on this blog. Wait, that's not enough -- take a moment and help us raise some college scholarship funding for Dawud and other young 'uns being trained by BDPA Baton Rouge chapter. Click here and make a difference!

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